How to build influence and have a massive impact with Caterina Rando

Caterina Rando passionately serves women leaders on a mission by guidance and mentorship to build influence and have a massive impact. She leads by example; she does exactly what she teaches. Caterina is a sought after speaker and a prolific author, including the titles “Learn to Think Differently”“The ABCs of Public Speaking”, and “The Women’s Giving Circle Guide”.

And if that wasn’t enough, she is the publisher of the Thriving Women in Business Magazine and founded The Thriving Women in Business Giving Circle. She hosts over 80 days of her own, live in-person events or retreats for women each year. She conducts everything from her high-level elite mastermind groups, to speaking business training programs, to her 2-day summits and her favorite, the annual Breakthrough Luxury Retreat for Women.

Success leaves clues, people. I invited Caterina today to talk about making an impact and how to do it. Staying the world’s best kept secret is clearly the wrong strategy. Speaking, writing, and being out in the world is definitely the ticket and Caterina is a pro at this.

Standout Quotes:

  • "A seminar gives you education or awareness"
  • " The thing is, though, that all of us creative helper people, we know how to serve. We're masters of whatever we are as a practitioner."
  • " There's nothing like no place I would rather be than being of service and bringing my value."
  • " The idea is to work less make more."
  • " For a healer, a coach feels a calling to make a much bigger impact."
  • “People have different ways that they love to learn.”
  • “A seminar gives you education, or awareness.”
  • “People are paying you for your mastery, not for your business management.”

Key Takeaways:

  •  Caterina's instructor believes she has the potential to be a terrific coach, but she is too shy.
  •  In the past, Caterina influenced a woman by providing her with successful advice. She felt a sense of happiness in her heart when the same woman returned to her café to thank her. She realized she wanted to be a life coach at that point.
  •  When Caterina decided to follow her dream of becoming a coach, one of the challenges she faced was figuring out how to stand out among the other coaches. That's when she discovered the importance of speaking and event hosting.
  • Caterina feels that organizing an event is one technique of disseminating valuable information as a group and then filtering out those who genuinely want to collaborate with you.
  •  Anastasia took copious notes from one of the sponsored events when Caterina was the speaker because the messages spread across the room were impactful.
  • Caterina recommends holding a yearly event to ensure that existing clients return for further coaching sessions.
  • Caterina applies the generosity method rather than the stingy strategy to empower her audience to gain knowledge worthy of their time.
  • From among the audience, Caterina creates a community of people who share her ideals.
  • Caterina credits her success to her ability of being able to speak fast, which opens a door for regular events.
  •  To purchase extra time, Caterina recommends employing staff to do part of the work that isn't relevant to your primary focus.

Episode Timeline:

[00:06] Seminar Advantages

[01:14] The Special Guest

[03:27] How it Started

[04:08] The Calling

[06:05] How the Company Expand

[08:19] A company with a purpose

[10:08] Audience Volume

[11:03] Successful Client’s story

[12:49] The Focus: How is it done?

[19:15] People prefer to learn in a variety of methods.

[20:36] Stingy Strategy vs. Generosity Strategy

[21:31] Assuring sure they get what they expected.

[23:26] Seminar: What’s missing?

[24:33] The desire to provide information

[25:07] Women of Value

[26:19] Destructive Clients: Avoid at all cost

[27:47] For Starters: Few things to keep in mind

[29:00] The Value of Having a Group

[29:57] How to delegate a task to free up time in your schedule

[31:06] Make a list of tasks that are important to your advocacy

[31:57] There is a lot to deal with in business

[32:15] Personal assistance is essential

[33:24] Several methods to reach the speaker

[34:05] The website: Cost-free content

[35:48] Give it your all

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