Activating Your Life Force Energy Field for You and Your House: EMF Protection

Clayten Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegman, the founders of FLFE Innovations Corp., keep upgrading their activation of the high consciousness field in and around you and your home. 

You’ve already heard them twice on this show: 
The first was about how your home environment was changed by activating the highconsciousness field in and around your home. The second was about activating the health level of the occupants in the home and added phone service.

This new show is about neutralizing the effect of emf radiation on the human energy field.

In this interesting interview, you’ll hear about how the process of activating the energy field of an object or location was discovered and improved. All about the results people are experiencing and about emf mitigation, which is important for overall health and protecting your immune system.

First of all, there are emfs all around us, that is electromagnetic frequencies. Those that can affect your health and immune system are disharmonious to you, including wifi, smart meters, cell signals especially 5G, wireless headsets and bluetooth. Those are microwave signals. 

When the high consciousness field around you is activated to protect you and your home, including the latest addition of emf mitigation, normal meters cannot distinguish the difference between having the FLFE activation on or off. Instead it is clearly observed in a measurement of the human energy field. 

In the following image, the red trace shows the chaos of the human field around harmful emf signals while the blue trace shows a much more coherent and calm signal, similar to what’s experienced with anger and happiness in HeartMath studies of field emanations of the heart. This is interpreted as the file

Further information on EMFs can be found here:

Jeff and Clayten also describe the results of what people are experiencing after focused life force energy is turned on to your home, cell phone or other object. Clayten describes their one complaint: your grocery bill might increase because people feel so good in your house they tend to stay longer. You can watch this interview at or listen in below.

To get a free 15 day trial, go to and see if you start to feel better too.

Standout Quotes:

  •  "A picture is a unique identifier. When that person is holding that other person in mind that you're working with, that's a unique identifier. And that's how it works with our technology.”
  •  “People actually like holding the phone because it's now at a higher level of consciousness itself and so what it’s emitting is now changed to be harmonized, or positive or consciousness raising. it's the way we look at it.”
  •  “everywhere you go, you're getting bombarded with lots of electrical waves. You could say, “well, so what?”. The problem is that your nervous system is electrical, your subtle energy system, the meridians and everything, they are all electrical. So everything is disrupted in your body, your brain, your hormonal systems, your nervous system, and it's even been associated that high frequency lines or high voltage lines have been associated with cancer; higher incidences of cancer.
  •  “We started to do research on EMF and it took us a long time to come up with certain distinctions; one of them is the distinction between a life supporting electromagnetic frequency and a life detracting or negative electromagnetic frequency. So we call them consciousness lowering electromagnetic magnetic frequencies, or consciousness raising because we talk about consciousness, we promise a certain level of consciousness properties.”
  •  “Calling it a frequency transmission makes people understand it. But the proper term, what you're using as a consciousness transmission, or active activating the field. What you're doing in practice is coming from that, that spiritual field and activating it.”
  •  “I can feel people's emotions. And when somebody is angry, happy, it feels like I've got itching powder all over me like it feels like there's static on the surface of my skin, like really uncomfortable static. And that's how it felt the difference - the difference between feeling relaxed and smooth and everything harmonizing to pursue, getting this this angry field coming at me.”

Key Takeaways:

  •  The initial device, dubbed the Genesis machine, consisted of these two massive stacks that extracted energy from the ether and directed it to a small or concentrated in a small area, concentrating it there. And then, it would be sent out via the output stack, and at the bottom of the pile, there was a small chamber containing crystals, which you could distribute around the house.
  •  The initial machine is now improved to a new degree, and a sphere of high consciousness is generated. With a unique identity in that field, a quantum association between the two is possible. And with that enabled field, any information that we enter into this field in the machine is now available anywhere in the globe with that unique identity, whether it's a cell phone number and a specific country, or an address, legal address, or coordinate.
  •  The Phone emits a sphere. So, within 300 feet, consciousness increases. There are also zones as you get closer to the Phone. On the Hawkins map, the spherical region within four feet of the Phone is 575. As a result, this is how most health data is collected. Then, within ten feet, the EMF mitigation follows you. So you are aided in this area. In turn, this energy is producing this high-consciousness vortex around you.
  •  The term EMF refers to electromagnetic frequency. And it's all that electrical energy floating through the air that your cell phones, Wi-Fi, wireless headsets, and even Bluetooth devices and intelligent meters radiate.
  •  When Jeff and Clayten checked, there were a few properties that had fallen below the level. They inspect each property once a week and the new residents twice a week, on average every three days. Some of the properties were losing awareness. And there was an incident when Jeff and Clayten called them and inquired why. Soon after, Jeff and Clayten deduced that the main factor was the electric magnetic influence.
  •  Everything in the spiritual realm has a physical counterpart. The spiritual plane, or as you refer to it, the awareness field, is EMF on the spiritual level in our area here. The frequency is significantly different in reality. People will respond, "Well, the root chakra vibrates red, isn't that correct?" And that frequency is shallow in comparison to the spiritual level. It's the way our subconscious organizes it in this physical plane because this physical plane is so unique in that it has a timeline and dimensionality, both of which are absent from that consciousness space.
  •  Our very core, our essence, vibrates at 1000; nobody is exempt from this rule, as we all contain a smidgeon of the Divine. And it is the layers above us that alter our frequency. As a result, those layers are then obscured. When the layers cover the holy essence, people get ill. Thus, you reduce your Hawkins score because you have the Slayer, which means you have been abused and cannot process it. You're enraged about something and refuse to let go. If you do not forgive, you will not be appreciative of the lesson.
  •  If you take a cell phone, because we offer a service with it, and raise the level of consciousness of that Phone to the point where you have a unique identity, you've created a new field, which we're now populating with instructions. And what are the instructions for the object's level of consciousness? The Phone's cellular device ascends until its emanations harmonize the human system and raise consciousness.
  •  We may infuse the field with the energetic essence of a substance. The purpose is to introduce the energy essence of shunga into the surroundings via field activation and to have it manifest as emanations from the outside, such as Wi-Fi networks next door or cellphone towers down the street. And now, every energy entering the environment is balanced, just as everything emitted from within is balanced. Thus, the way we see it is through the lens of individual experience. Accordingly, during the free trial and after that, you can toggle the EMF attenuation on and off.
  •  The heart math Institute has researched the heart's emanations, namely the emotional emanations. And angry people cast a waveform that is quite spiky. And contented folks emit a very smooth waveform. Additionally, this is a highly high-frequency waveform. And because it occurs at such a low frequency, it fits. It corresponds to everything we know about how your bass and upper emotions are interdependent in the Hawkins field.
  •  The team worked on several studies with Melissa Waterman. The first one is the type of up and down spike of all incoming EMF radiation and the location, which was a suburban house. Second, she enabled FFP with EMF mitigation (blue line and blue data points on the graph). As you can see, the blue data points are less spiky and have a narrower band than the red data points. So that's the entropy, or measure of chaos, in their technology. The environment becomes more chaotic and downscaled as you go up.

Episode Timeline:

[00:37] Environmental Factor

[01:22] Activating High Consciousness

[02:26] How it started

[02:55] The Genesis Machine

[06:32] The Unique Identifier

[08:25] The Level of Consciousness

[09:47] Anastasia’s Past Clients

[13:21] Consciousness drop on Properties

[14:11] The Life Supporting Electromagnetic Frequency

[15:10] The Consciousness Field

[16:31] Levels of Vibration

[18:38] EMF Discovery on Cellphones

[19:50] The Energetic Essence

[21:46] The Heart Math Institute

[23:44] Gas Discharge Visualization Device

[24:15] Experiments alongside Melissa Waterman

[25:22] Clairsentience

[27:25] Anastasia’s Website

[27:59] Spiky Waveform of Energy

[28:49] Testimonies: Client Feedback

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