Stimulate Your Immune System 12: Keep Yourself Centered and Grounded with Energy Healing

Learn the difference between being centered and being grounded. The first is a powerful step to getting to a mentally healthier place, while grounding clears up your overloaded emotions once you're caught up in an emotional maelstrom.

In this broadcast, you'll hear the difference between being centered and being grounded, not the same things.  The following healing audio does both for you quickly: See timeline below.

In today's current climate, I hear of people giving up hope. Even in newspapers, they are saying it’s too late, illness has overtaken us. We hear of new tragedies every day. The news is putting it in our faces all the time, That our country is being overrun by the coronavirus. It has changed complexion now, it is hitting hard in the whole Southeast of the country. The Midwest and West are doing better. Taking precautions is the best we can all do right now, and basically stop the anger and fighting. This is really what today’s broadcast is about.

From today forward, boosting your immune system is moving into the energetic realm. Energy is really everything, even all those previous eleven steps I mentioned. Every step you take towards keeping you healthy is telling all your cells that’s what you want. It really changes your prospects of getting healthier. Giving up hope is the first step to having problems.

The two things I’m focusing on today is being centered and being grounded. These are two different things, let me focus on the first, as it is a powerful first step in getting you to a mentally healthier place. The second clears up your overloaded emotions once you’re caught up in the emotional maelstrom.

Nothing in your life is so debilitating as being off center. 

There is a very clear reason for it.  Centeredness is a state of mind that changes the energy of your entire body, how it is fed, animated, and your anxiety or stress level.  

Centeredness means you view the world from your own point of view, rather than how others are making you react.  

Anytime you are feeling fear, guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, and other low energy emotions, your world view is from the outside in.  Not that you can’t feel those things.  It’s part of the human condition.  You feel those things as part of a warning system to tell you what’s next to resolve that issue.  

An example of being pulled off center.  You are going on a trip and are in a hurry to pack, rather than doing it consciously, so you know what you put in your suitcase.   Then you are late to the airport, and you think of things you didn’t pack, then you’re distracted the whole time to the airport on how you are going to manage your trip without them.  

This is only a small thing, but like this small thing, the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.  

When you have an argument with someone, how long do your thoughts linger on it.  When someone cuts you off on the freeway, when someone breaks your favorite thing.  

All those things can really pull you off your center.  The way it looks energetically is that the thing that is you, your spirit, is pulled up out of your body.  Your thoughts are elsewhere, so you go elsewhere.  

There is an easy way to counteract this, it’s to bring yourself down into your body every morning.  When you sleep, you slip up out of your body often.  Your dreams can take you there, your worried thoughts as you fall asleep.  By bringing yourself back to centeredness every morning or even several times a day, you can really help bring yourself into the current moment.  

I did this long ago when I was in a bad place.  I asked myself every time I felt panic, if I was okay right at that moment.  

The panic thoughts that a lot of people have are “what ifs” that never come to pass. 

I was having those, they were fears.  Getting yourself into your body is the fastest way to get over the panic and allow your brain to function at its best level to find solutions.

Ready? Easiest way to do is to sit up straight, plant both feet flat on the floor (you can even take off your shoes), shoulders back, and now breathe in deeply, following a 6363 pattern.  Breathe in to a count of 6, hold for 3 and out for 6, then hold for 3. Repeat..

A second really easy way to remember is to download a guided healing audio that does this centering for you.  I have a free powerful healing audio at

Now comes a less simple step.  you have to stand up for it. It’s called super brain yoga, a pranic technique that allows you to get centered into your body quickly.  Look this up, basically, you cross your arms holding opposite earlobes, tongue at the roof of your mouth and do knee bends, either 7, 14 or 21 while you are breathing deeply.

Remember to do one of the three centering methods whenever you feel that panic, get rushed, get thrown off by someone or something else.

Grounding yourself is a different energetic process

It helps you remove the excess energy caused by one of these emotionally charged issues.  Sometimes you feel thrown off and need to get yourself back onto Earth, so you can think straight.  

Grounding is very similar to that electrical thing that you do by connecting to Earth and letting your excess charge drop into the Earth where it can be used, recycled, and removed from doing harm from you.

This is now that you’ve collected the nervous energy, your whole nervous system is on fire, you’re upset, and ready to rip something apart, whether it’s someone else or your insides.  Not being able to dissipate that excess energy quickly, it goes somewhere.  

I used to swallow all my anger for example.  It wreaked havoc on my insides, I had a huge number of issues that I could point to “nerves”.  People would tell me to relax, and I didn’t know what that meant.  “I am relaxed”.  I wasn’t.  

If more than one person has told you need to relax,

not the ones that want to get away with something, but the people that care about you. It’s time to realize you come across as tense.

A simple way to get grounded, you could take your shoes off, step outside and imagine your nervous system is like a big bucket of nervousness that drains slowly out of a spigot down your legs and into the Earth out of the bottom of your feet.  This makes sense and it actually works.  Nature is a good place to ground yourself, standing in a lake or ocean with your bare feet in the sand or shore, on grass, in the forest, anywhere natural, 

This isn’t always possible.  What if you are at work and your boss just said something you can’t shake.  connect grounding cord to earth through the adrenal glands.  Imagine all the excess energy, dark emotions, etc.  

These two processes give you a powerful tool against everything that’s happening around you, to keep you out of the despair, anger, and dark thoughts that are plaguing us.

Again the healing audio I’ve already mentioned does this process for you in about 14 minutes, it’s fast and all you need to do is sit quietly to listen to it.  It will guide you through the process.

Standout Quotes:

  •  "Centeredness is really looking at an emotional state of mind."
  •  “The centeredness of you is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself and your body.”
  •  “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.”
  •  “Instead of sitting there grinding about it, you just figure it out.”
  •  “when you're dreaming or asleep or falling asleep and you're thinking about everything that's going on in your life and you're having trouble sleeping, you're off center.”
  •  “Nature is very healing, it's very balancing, and it helps you release that excess energy down into the earth.”
  •  “When you're doing the task that's on hand at the moment you stay centered.”
  •  “When you stay centered, your body is being fed properly from head to toe energetically.”

Key Takeaways:

  •  When you look at things from the outside in, this is where dread and terror come into play. Wrath, jealousy, shame, and guilt happen outside of yourself, and you react to it in this way.
  •  The way it appears energetically, we have this being that is us, our spirit. And when we are unhappy, our bodies suffer.
  •  How long do you dwell on a disagreement, or do you worry or obsess over it? That's being off-balance, and it isn't terrific. And the more your neurological system is on fire, the less resistance you have to new things pouring in. You are not focused on the task at hand; therefore, your mind is elsewhere.
  •  Off-centeredness, which appears to be energetical, is that our physical bodies are here; you'll see it, and then I'll see their energy bodies being drawn up and hovering above their heads.
  •  Autistic children suffer from lower back pain, digestive problems, and walk with a stiff gait. They are monosyllabic, dislike having their heads stroked because there is too much energy up there, and other such things. Thus, reintegrating them into their bodies is highly beneficial.
  •  Pretend you're breathing down into your feet by breathing down. And as you breathe in, put your left hand, your left thumb, in your belly button, and feel your lower body rise first. You can also fill yourself with air from the bottom up.
  •  If you have five or ten minutes, you can listen to this audio tutorial on the scientific healer website. It is powerful healing audio that is ideal for listening to while going asleep. And when you do that, it takes care of all of your energy hygiene for you. And towards the end, it truly brings you back down to your calm state.
  •  There is something known as Superbrain yoga. The goal is for you to balance - from left to right so that your body balances on both sides. To put it another way, you're filling up your body from side to side. The subsequent two phases are specifically designed to put yourself into your body from top to bottom and front to back.
  •  Taking your shoes off is one method of grounding. And this is quite simple to imagine: take off your shoes and stand on some grass somewhere. Imagine your entire nervous system draining all of its extra energy down into the soil and letting it go.

Timeline for podcast:

0:51 What is centering

02:15The Importance of Staying Centered

04:23 The Dangers of Dwelling on the Negatives

06:24 Symptoms That Manifest Physically

7:41 tip 1 to center

8:38 tip 2 to center

10:16 The Powerful Healing Audio

10:48 tip 3 to center

11:44 Grounding

13:14 Grounding As A Technique in Releasing Negativity

14:20 Healing Wonders of Nature

13:37 tip 1 to ground

15:13 tip 2 to ground

15:43 The Adrenal Glands

16:23 Releasing through Grounding Cords

18:35 Stories of Monks

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