Immunity boost 14: How relationships and happiness alter your DNA for better or worse

Research at Harvard pointed out your long term health is more dependent on your social connections, your support system, consisting of family, friends and community. When these are beneficial to you, they can be more important than adequate sleep, good nutrition and not smoking.

Of the eight most important factors to keeping you healthy and happy, your relationships are the number 1 factor. The others include in the following order career, creative expression, spirituality, financial health, sexual health, mental and emotional health and physical health.  All must be attended to.  

Research at Harvard pointed out your long term health is more dependent on your social connections, your support system, consisting of family, friends and community.  When these are beneficial to you, they can be more important than adequate sleep, good nutrition and not smoking.  That’s a lot coming from one of the top medical schools in the country.

Research bears out that longevity is greatly improved with great relationships

Conversely, a lack of social ties leads to depression, cognitive decline later in life and premature death. One study, which examined data from more than 309,000 people, found that lack of strong relationships increased the risk of premature death from all causes by 50% — an effect on mortality risk roughly comparable to smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day, and greater than obesity and physical inactivity.

Their premise is that great social connections relieve harmful levels of stress, all of which are contributory to illness and prematurely aging.

Speaking of stress levels.  Another study examined the stress levels and successful relationships.  Not all relationships are successful and we’ll get to how to help those in a moment.  This study examined the levels of stress in the first year of marriage as predictors to long term success and health of the marriage and people in it.  

If stress levels were high during the expected disagreements in the first year of a relationship as measured by the adrenal hormones

Study of newlyweds, stresses during arguments that produced the greatest number of stress hormones predicted the happiness ten years later, and the strength of their immune systems.  Those that were highest were likeliest to get divorced.  these correlate: greater stress hormones= lower immune systems, shorter lives, less happiness.

Studies at UCLA show that these successful relationships alter your genetic code, known as the epigenetic response, positively.  In other words, you become less prone to illness and disease.  Your illness genes are switched off.  

Conversely, in unsuccessful, meaning stressful relationships, your genetic code becomes altered into a negative pattern.  That is one in which your genes are switched on for diseases.  

Even more interesting in another UCLA study, is how your relationship to yourself can alter your genes in much the same way.  you can look at it as your relationship to yourself.  

 What path did you choose for yourself. 

One in which you seek pleasure and avoid pain?  Or does your life have a deeper fulfilling purpose. 

Both people reported the same level of positive emotions but their genomes said otherwise.   Those with the deeper fulfilling purpose showed favorable gene expression in their immune systems while those that were what they termed hedonistic showed and adverse genetic profile in their immune system.  

This is an interesting development when it comes to energy, it’s as if the subconscious knows your life has little purpose and choses to end it early.  

What can be done to help those relationships now that we know how important they are?  

Last time, I talked about near field and distance connections in your relationship to others, whether they were in your life or not.  

But now I’m going to talk about the people that are important in your life.  They are the ones that are going to have the most influence over your emotional well being and even more importantly, your health, vitality and overall success in life.  

There are 14 ways you connect to others energetically, which includes emotional, mental and physical.  Remember, it’s’ all energy.

So, let’s think about the most important significant person in your life that upsets you.  Are they still in your life or is it over?  When you think of those that are out of your life, do you still want to get even, tell them off, or are you still angry with yourself that it happened?  Every time you think of them like that, you re-estabilish that harmful connection.  

Then you are giving up your energy to them, as well as creating stress in your life.

This means you are still in relationship with them.  It’s called old baggage you are still lugging around like a big stinking bag of old laundry.  

If you have someone in your life now that is causing you stress, you can also relieve that stress and even improve that relationship by the processes I’m going to mention.  

Three major connections you have with everyone in your life consists of 

  1. how you are corded to them, meaning you are exchanging energy, thoughts, emotions on many levels and on many topics. 
  2. What kind of behavioral rules you established with one another in the beginning or as time evolved.  
  3. The karma you agreed to live out with that person.

Taking care of these has helped release so many of anger towards others, forgiving others and even moving towards gratitude.  It’s a two way street.  

You might be wondering how you could have that done and even get it done for free.  I have put together a 5 step challenge with clearing out the main three connections with your significant family members as well as your past and former life partners, business partners, and even friends that you might be carrying a grudge with.

One of the participants, Jeanine, said she has a 20 year feud with one of her sisters and dreaded going to family gatherings during the holidays.  She went through this mini program before going home for Christmas to see her parents, two sisters and their families.  She was shocked at how friendly and open her sister was.  

This brings me to another point, that when you clean up your side of the street energetically, the other person has no choice.  You can’t have a disagreement on only one side!

Standout Quotes:

  •  "Once you have a deeper purpose to something, there's something in your body that changes.”
  •  “You just can't be happy and hope for the best. But there has to be some meaning behind the happy.”
  •  “You're over it is if you're grateful, thankful for forgiving that other person, that means you've let them go.”
  •  “If you clean up your side of the street, then there's has to clean up, they can't do anything about it, they have no choice in the matter.”

Key Takeaways:

  •  There are eight factors that affect your health, your well-being your overall satisfaction in life, and your longevity. Your relationships, career, creative expression, spirituality, financial health, sexual health, mental and emotional health and your physical health.
  •  Your long term health is more dependent on your social connections, your support system consisting of your family, your friends and your community.
  •  In a study of newlyweds, the stresses that created the most stress hormones during disagreements predicted their happiness and immune system strength ten years later. Those who scored the highest were the most likely to divorce. These two are related: Lower immune systems, shorter lives, and less happiness are linked to increased stress hormones.
  •  There’s two ways you can be happy. One is that you seek pleasure and you avoid pain.
  •  You are therefore devoting your attention to them and causing stress in your life. This indicates that you are still dating them. It's known as old baggage, which you're still carrying about like a stinky bag of old laundry.
  •  How you are connected to everyone in your life is one of the three major connections you have with them, which means you are exchanging energy, thoughts, and emotions on many levels and many themes. What kind of behavioral standards did you set up with one another at the start or as time went on? And you agreed to live out your karma with that individual.

Timeline for this broadcast

0:25 8 Factors affect your health

1:30 How DNA changes with relationships

4:57 Success in relationships is found in the first year behaviors

6:06 Great relationships improve immunity in your DNA

7:40 Positive changes in DNA with happiness, but quality matters

10:37 What to do about old relationship baggage

13:19 Three Major steps in clearing people

16:22 Release anger and pain

17:53 Change is important


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