Energy healing & nutritional tips to boost your physical and mental energy: stop needing stimulants

 2/3 of Americans are suffering from adrenal insufficiency due to stress and overwhelm. Get your energy tips here.

Adrenal insufficiency leads to lack of restful sleep, wooziness when standing up, tiredness, and inability to wake up with your old energy. The longer it goes on, it leads to other glands and organs being overtaxed and failing.

What happens if you ignore the stress?

The problem with ignoring the stress and keeping on going is that your body has redundant systems and once one is used up, then it starts overtaxing the next. After; your adrenal glands, comes the liver, another energy organ. After that, the thyroid starts kicking into overdrive. On top of that, environmental and food toxins tax your precious energy organs further. Using adaptogens helps here to a certain extent.

Furthermore, while you are stressed, your body is in the sympathetic system, which tears your body down. Healing doesn’t happen and the rest of your body weakens, including your immune system. As long as your body is pumping out stress hormones, your body doesn’t rest or heal properly, and you’re subject to burnout and reduced productivity. It’s another reason stress kills.

Which parts of your body need immediate attention?

After working with thousands of people, the other two systems most affected are your thyroid and your liver. These are what I heal the most to help people feeling better, getting their energy back and feeling like their younger selves again. Liver support might include milk thistle and doing a detox. Thyroid support includes getting enough iodine (seaweed) and taking extra tyrosine: recommended dose to try – 1 gm 30 min before breakfast: You’ll know you need it if you feel better in two to 3 days.  Supports brain function (dopamine precursor) and thyroid function.

Here are 5 tips from preventing burnouts and energy crashing:

You’ll hear about 5 tips for helping heal your adrenal glands, bringing them back to their youthful state. You’ll stop needing stimulants like coffee, regular tea, energy drinks, and colas. This includes a one minute breathing break, something you can do any time and any where. The problem with this is you have to remember to do it, which is much harder than actually doing it.

You can also download the 11 minute wake up your brain audio, that really takes you in a relaxation state very quickly, calms your adrenals fast, lowers your blood pressure, and brings your mind to clarity. Italso boosts productivity and does the energy hygiene for you. Https:// Your mind will eventually rewire to a calmer state, something research shows you

Keep your blood sugar stable by reducing your consumption of white foods. It keeps your blood sugars from soaring then crashing. Add healthy fats to allow digestion to slow. Make sure you drink 2 to 4 quarts of water daily. And last make sure you get sleep before midnight, which is when you sleep the deepest. Last, use adaptogens early in the day. Here are some that really help!

Three adaptogens I use frequently that really help:

1. ginseng: Eleuthero, mornings

2. ashwaganda – helps adrenals –  mornings (and evenings if really stressed): one of best adrenal supports

3. maca root powder (I put it in shakes), you can get pill form too.

Standout Quotes:

  •  “It's important to get proper rest to get fully hydrated, to eat healthy foods to help rebuild your body.”
  •  “Straighten out your spine, get your shoulders back and take a nice deep breath in. It brings you into the present moment.”

Key Takeaways:

  •  When you're tearing down, your adrenal glands get aroused and start pouring out adrenaline, cortisol, and everything else. When your adrenal glands are pouring out all of the hormones that keep you going, your body is unable to heal. It's supposed to go dormant at night and heal you.
  •  Your hormones are all guided by the hypothalamus, which is in the core of your brain. It's also part of what was called the limbic system.
  •  We need our metabolisms to work properly. Getting in the present moment is an energy thing to do.
  •  Doing a guided meditation or any kind of meditation for a while will lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, increase cognitive abilities, increase productivity and increase create creativity.

Episode Timeline:

0:15 Personal energy crisis

1:12 Domino effect of gland/organ failure due to stress

2:01 Two modes of the body

5:03 What’s the solution?

8:39 Take a one-minute meditation or breathing break.

9:51 Failing adrenals and the failing thyroid  

10:29Things to do for your metabolism to work properly


11:25 Cut down on white sugar/flour consumption to keep blood sugar stable.

14:31 Drink 2 to 4 quarts of water per day

15:07 Get plenty of restful sleep before midnight

16:46 Use adaptogens

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