3 tips for keeping your relationship energy clear after a healing: don’t get reinfected!

After a relationship energy healing, you are always in danger of being reinfected with the same low energy feelings and ties that brought you unhappiness in the first place (https://scientifichealer.com/relationship).

You’ve probably spent years in old bad habits with regard to your relationships. Discover how to break those bad habits fast. 

One of mine was being defensive and thus setting up an adversarial relationship out of every relationship. This based on the long years of relentless criticism I received as a young child that I carried into adulthood with my significant other relationships. Interestingly, I did not allow this in my friendships but the tendency was nonetheless there. What about you? Do you have habits like this?

Once I recognized this habit, I could release the blame because I played a part in the interaction as much as the other did.

Releasing the blame is the first major step in letting go of old habits and allowing something new and a great deal healthier to replace this. It doesn’t mean that you will never go back to old habits. Old habits tend to be the place where you retreat when things get sticky with others.

An energy healing of your relationship to key people will facilitate in releasing the old energetic connections and old patterns you learned as a child in this lifetime and maybe others. The free five-step program is a first step to healing your issues with a key caregiver when you were younger (or even partner. However, I will add that your behavior with partners will mimic behavior with other significant people in your life.)


After releasing blame, do these tips to help stop the energy pattern of dysfunction

The second thing that is most helpful is to cut the cords to the thoughts you keep having over and over, the angry upset and outraged ones. Let them go but cutting them from your thoughts and dropping them into the earth. This is a very powerful energetic release and works instantly for a lot of people. What it does is bring you out of the past and into the present. Those hurt feelings are long over.

Next, you can use your grounding cord, the one that drops off the base of your spine into the Earth. Use it to drop all those dark and low energy emotions off to bring you again into the present. Many times, those that have upset you are still doing the same things that drove you crazy in the first place.

Many times, people don’t realize that this person does this particular behavior to everyone around them, not just you. One of my female science professor friends thought that a colleague was picking on her particularly because of her gender. It turned out, he did it to all the young male professors in their department as well.

How long you stay stuck in those old pattern is up to you

You can use a guided meditation to bring you into the present moment and away from the past hurts. Two great ones for doing that (they are both under 15 min and do your energy hygiene for you as well include: https://scientifichealer.com/wakeupbrain and https://scientifichealer.com/emotional.

Using these simple tools can help you break long years of bad energy habits when it comes to behaviors between you and others. The releasing blame also applies to you. You were young and didn’t know how to do this.

The bonus tip is to start stepping back and observing what is happening around you, especially when you see the person that upset you so much do this to others. Watch what happens and instead of getting caught up in it, see how the others react and remember if you did that, too. I saw this happening with my ex-husband’s new wife and realized that I was being too accommodating instead of standing my ground and treating myself respectfully.

These simple tips might seem too simple but what it does is keep the unhealthy connections and behaviors, all based on your energetic/emotional connections with them, from recurring while keeping the love that you have or once had for one another top of mind.

The relationships could be your current or former life partner, a child, parent, other relative, coworker or current/former close friend. These are all relationships that helped you become the amazing person you are today.

Standout Quotes:

  •  “You really need to be letting go and healing so you can move beyond that broken relationship.”
  •  “A lot of us don't feel safe. We still feel like we're in danger from what has happened before, and we keep reliving it and keep attracting or being attracted to the same kind of dangerous person.”

Key Takeaways:

  •  Stop thinking that person has hurt you. What they did was play a role in your life to teach you a lesson.
  •  Cut the rubber band that pulls you back. And imagine that rubber band dropping down into the earth.
  •  Listen to a brief guided meditation.

Episode Timeline:

1:53 Four of the intertangled energy between four ways you intertangled energies with other people.

2:27 What the energy healing does

2:52 Let go of blame to move forward

4:30 Cut the cord every time your thoughts take you back to old hurts

5:23 Drop a grounding cord/connect to light above to wash out dark emotions

6:19 Use a guided meditation to help release old emotions and do energy hygiene

6:26 Guided meditation

8:47 Bonus tip: Be observational to keep them from pushing your buttons

9:23 Be observational

10:40 Summary

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