The Destructive Energetic Effect of Over-Criticism on Your Health, Wealth, and Relationships

When you are criticized without the balance of compliments in your early life, it has profound effects on your energy field: it develops openings, cracks and shrinks. Solution? Your energy field is your defense, which with too much criticism, it develops openings, cracks and shrinks down so you become susceptible to others stealing your energy. Co-hosted with Gwen Lepard

What happens to your protective energy field with criticism?

Undue or over criticism is a constant barrage on your spirit. It depletes your protective energy field around you. You may have heard, “this is for your own good,” or, “I’m just trying to help you improve.” That’s not how it feels. You end up feeling like you are drowning in words, it weakens you, you feel tired in the end. This is not how constructive criticism feels.

Most of this damaging criticism is unsolicited. You didn’t ask for it. The deliverer of this “helpful” criticism can’t help themselves. Energetically, the way it works, it looks like a hook. They throw the hook at your field to grab onto some of its energy.

If you weaken due to the criticism (in other words, you believe them), you give away bits and pieces of your energy until you no longer have this protective shield around you, much like an immune system keeping out the pathogens.

The other person doesn’t mean to help. He/she means to take your energy. They do it because that’s how they learned how to replenish themselves instead of doing something satisfying or meaningful another way. But it’s also a two-way street. They can’t take anything if you don’t let them.

How to protect your energy field from criticism?


There are a half a dozen really powerful ways to fortify your field, grow it to hold more wealth and improve your relationships. You also in turn become healthier and happier.

The first is to drop off all the cords that you might accumulate at night or during the day even, especially if someone is used to drawing off your energy, especially with criticism. The second is to clean up the accumulated energy in your field by using a salt shower or bath. Listen in to discover how to take a quick salt shower at 10:47 into the broadcast.

You can also clear up your bedroom from invading energy, so you can get a good night’s rest, including using smudging (incense or sage), making sure the room is dark from lights, no TV or phones. You can also focus on releasing the dark emotions out of your body, which will in turn strengthen your field. A fast way to do this is using the brief healing audio at This audio takes care of other energy hygiene as well to fortify you from criticism and keep your field strong.

Growing your energy field to hold more wealth and have more generosity towards others.

The larger your field, the more energy it can hold. Since energy is wealth AND health, undue criticism from early in life can stifle your growth unless you find ways to overcome it.

You can imagine a blue or turquoise color surrounding you to keep out the low energy emotions like guilt, shame, anger, jealousy and sorrow. You can also breathe in slowly, imagining the air going all the way down to your toes, and as you do this, say to yourself: I am totally receptive.

These processes are some of the amazing processes that you will find in my programs, such as the Diamond Enriched Life Program. You can find out more here: It is going live again in March (meaning the classes will be delivered online, live, not recorded).

Grounding sheet mentioned at 14:30 half sheet: and full length

Standout Quotes:

  •  "You can't compliment your kid because they might get an ego."
  •  “You can be under 18 and choose to shift that energy from victim to something more positive as well.”
  •  “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”
  •  “If you had to act on every little thing, you're working too hard.”
  •  “A prayer is a way to send energy to somebody else without giving your own away.”
  •  “Energy brings you health, wealth, and relationships.”

Key Takeaways:

  •  When you contract as a sad person, someone who feels guilty or humiliated, or even angry, anger is more potent energy; it is more outward-directed than inward-directed. However, grief and despair are both limiting, and as a result, they lower your frequency.
  •  What occurs at night is that the people you care about begin to cling to you in their sleep. They'll have fantasies about you, start bonding with you, and feel needy.
  •  The boundary between the physical and spiritual worlds becomes thinner between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. There is also communication between you and your deceased family members if you are prone to other spirits glomming on you and draining your energy.
  •  There are lots of precautions to take, like keeping your room clean and maximizing your energy. Make sure all lights are off and disconnect your TV. You can obtain sheets that are electronically grounded with an electrical grid to safeguard you if needed.
  •  Each pore on your body emits a stream of energy. And when it becomes entangled by criticism, a nasty attitude, and a low IQ, they begin to open up holes, allowing outside energy to enter.
  •  The field that surrounds you determines your prosperity and health. Also, keep it intact and as large as possible. Expanding it can help you achieve anything you want, including beautiful relationships, wealth, and health. So criticism will continue to erode it.
  •  An excellent method to get go of those notions is to begin practicing. Therefore, the first thing to do whenever such thoughts occur to you is to shut them off. 123, bury it in the dirt and immediately cut your grounding connection. And the next step is to practice maintaining a healthy, expansive energy field. And then we begin our ascent toward courage, which marks the tipping point.
  •  Getting upset is the first sign that someone breaks your boundary and violates you - unauthorized cording is a violation. It's unwelcome criticism. It's like someone reaches into your pocket and takes your stuff without your consent.
  •  You can expand your energy field to the size of a city, the size of a state, the size of a country, or the size of the earth. And the entire purpose is to link with other sources of high energy. And then, of course, when you completely relax, it will be approximately the length of your arm span.
  •  One of the most critical things you can do is expand your energy field upward because it is a conduit to spirit. And when you connect with spirit, a lot of beautiful things happen. When you obtain the necessary knowledge, you will determine what to do next and how to proceed.

Timeline for this broadcast

00:47 Effects of Prolonged Criticism

03:24 The Low Energy

04:14 The Energy Field

05:04 Negative Energies Accumulated During Sleep

06:41 Healing Powers of Salt Shower

7:50 Contraction of your energy field.

08:46 The Veil Between Spiritual and Physical Realm

08:53 Morning Routine

9:06 Why you get corded at night?

10:47 How to take a salt shower?

11:20 Nutrition as a Crucial Aspect of Energy Health

12:45 The Energy Draining Parasites

12:50 When the veil between spiritual or quantum and physical world gets thinner.

13:37 The Wonders of Prayer

13:45 Energy clearing of your bedroom for good sleep

14:22 Shrunken Field Caused by Criticism

14:30 Description of grounding sheet:

15:56 Ways your energy field benefits you

16:03 Steps to Healing

17:46 Crossing Boundaries

17:54 What does prayer do?

18:30 Shrinking of your field from criticism.

20:09 Focus instead on releasing the dark emotions

21:31 Expanding Energy Field

24:59 Expanding Upwards

25:30 How to grow your energy field.

27:27 Conversation with a Healer

28:57 Programs Designed for Energy Healing

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