Energetic Perspective on Disease – Cause and Effect: 3 energy healing tips you can do yourself

You can do all the right things and still get sick. Disease prevention goes beyond the physical. Learn more about energy healing https://scientifichealersuniversity.com

Doing all the right things doesn’t guarantee health

Even though you’ve eaten well, exercised and didn’t poison yourself with drugs, smoking or alcohol, you might wake up one day sick. I did. There are other factors that contribute to disease even beyond hereditary, karma, or lifestyle. Emotional and mental stress are bigger killers than the poisons.

When you look at the factors that lead to longevity, last on the list of eight is your lifestyle and diet. Ahead of that is mental-emotional health, relationships, career choice, spirituality, and self-expression. However, stressful relationships are the leading cause of stress-related illnesses.

One of the problems that shows up is that the normal course of actions for most people are to run to the doctor for medications. The problem with medications is that they cover up the symptoms, and you aren’t sure you actually need the help. You feel fine and go on as usual. One of the things that really bothers me about some medications, like blood pressure lowering medication, is that the damage might still be happening, but you feel safe because you no longer have the symptom.

Illness starts long before your first symptom appears.

The energetic patterns in your body are depleted long before your physical body shows a problem. There is a hard-to-predict delay between when your energy shifts downward to when your body falls into the sick pattern. It can be days, weeks, or months. This is actually good news because it means you have time to correct the issue in your energy body.

Likewise, once the energy pattern is corrected, the time delay between your illness and wellness can be instant to weeks. The longer it takes, the more you need to do maintenance to get to where you want to go in terms of wellness.

Your physical reactions can show you that you’re stressed. Are you clenching your teeth? Are you holding your body in a tense posture or relaxed? Do you have spasms somewhere in your back muscles? Are you having trouble letting go of thoughts before you fall asleep? These are persistent signs of stress that need to be addressed.

Energy healing tips to help keep your energy body healthy


Upon awaking in the morning, replenish your fluids. Drink at least 16 oz or half a liter upon arising. It helps your brain get clarity right away. Cut cords front and back. You can even use a selenite rod (shown above) to do the cutting and releasing of the cords into the Earth (they work well for cutting cleanly, even for non-healers).

You can get aura sprays (either buy here sage with lavender https://amzn.to/39tlVuF, white sage and rose https://amzn.to/36gUmlW , set of 4 sprays https://amzn.to/3ptQu8M, or find a recipe online), to clear off excess energy from your energy field. Most people are soothed and calmed by it. I love using mind. It’s like taking a total stress off my shoulders.

And last, you can ground yourself to the Earth and let the excess stressful energy drop into the earth. Listen in to hear how. You can also get one of the healing audios from https://scientifichealer.com/wakeupbrain or https://scientifichealer.com/emotional

Standout Quotes:

  •  "The energetic perspective is that we can only do so much to prevent disease. “
  •  " Illness starts long before you actually get it."
  •  “It's really difficult to tell when your body is off, because it is trying to maintain itself. And the reaction of every illness that you have is its attempt to maintain itself.

Key Takeaways:

  •  Energy perspective is where you can tell and you instinctively know that something is happening with your body.
  •  Your body will show warning signs of illness before you get the illness.
  •  When Anastasia's ex-husband was disapproving of her, she believed him. He said all sorts of things that insinuated her and made her questioned herself.
  •  She took a long time to recognize that she was in emotional pain.
  •  It is hard to tell if there is something wrong with your body, because it maintains itself and your body has an initial reaction to maintain itself to every illness that you feel.

Timeline for the broadcast

0:21 Prevention of disease goes beyond the physical.

1:54 Illness starts long before illness arrives

2:37 Take care of the little issues before they grow

3:21 Medications cover up your symptoms

4:00 Your physical reactions can show you, that you’re stressed

5:04 Health story of Anastasia’ s Husband

6:13 Health and disease is really cause and effect, even the incurable

7:18 Why it’s difficult to tell if your body is off.

8:15 Number 1 stressor is your difficult relationships

9:09 Stressful relationships can cause illness

9:25 Tips to release the effects of stress

9:50 Use a selenite rod to cut cords

11:28 Essential oil aura spray

12:27 Grounding exercise

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