Fear of scarcity can keep you small, broke, stuck & alone: energy healing & practical tips to heal it

Discover how fear of scarcity shows up in your life (five common signs) and keeps you broke. Hear practical tips on what you can do about it.

Discover how fear of scarcity shows up and holds you back. 5 tips on overcoming it quickly. https://scientifichealer.com/relationships.

The problem with being afraid of not having enough is that you focus on lack. The more you focus on lack, the more you lose. in the times of my life when I never worried about having enough, there was so much to go around that I didn’t even look at price tags any more. It didn’t matter if a pair of shoes was $100 or $200, if they fit, they were comfortable and looked nice, I bought them. And somehow the money always showed up for everything else that needed covering.

As soon as I divorced, existential worries showed up. I started looking at the prices of everything. Instead of being able to save money like I had before, my bank accounts had dwindled slowly. It was very disappointing and worrying. At the end of every month, I pinched pennies and hoped I wouldn’t have to dive into savings again. These were savings I had accumulated for 25 years but wasn’t able to add to it.

I started doing some of the behaviors that showed me how afraid of losing anything was a problem. It escalated. When I got my tax return back, something invariably broke. First it was the frig, then it was the dishwasher, then it was the car. I just plain stopped spending anything for myself or for fun.

Here’s a few of the ways fear of scarcity show up:

  1. stinginess in your money, time, and emotions/feelings. You don’t share anything. Being a tightwad is not attractive to anyone. It repels people.
  2. hanging on to everything you ever owned. Hoarding is an extreme example.
  3. Hanging onto old behavior and old relationships that aren’t working for you any more.
  4. Hanging onto half-finished projects that you’ll probably never get to.
  5. Hanging onto an old career that is making you ill.

Solutions that really helped stop this bleeding of money and fear of scarcity

The first thing that I had to do was to start spending money on myself. And miraculously, money showed up for my other expenses. Then I started going through boxes that I had moved around from house to house and sorting throgh them. This included half finished projects that I had carried around for years. Why?


I found places that would take the materials and projects and be put to good use. Hobby houses, homes for families, and activity centers need things to do and projects. They are very happy to receive them. The more I released outdated projects, clothing, furniture, shoes, and kitchen ware, the lighter I felt. That light feeling allowed flow again. Flow in as well as out.k If your closet looks like the above picture, you have no more room for things/money to flow in.

The next steps included releasing an old stressful career and stressful relationships. The latter included healing them and if that didn’t work, move to have them go to the bottom of the priority list. In other words, to not give in to the energy draining activities that stressful relationships often bring into your life.

The releasing of these weighty energy draining projects, activities and relationships makes a lot more room for you to invite new wealth and activities in your life. Listen in to learn more

Standout Quotes:

  •  “It keeps you small when you never spend anything on yourself or other people and holds you back because nobody really knows who you are."
  •  “When you're ready to divide, divest yourself of the things, thank them that they've been in your life and they've served a purpose and then release them.”
  •  Be honest with yourself.”
  •  “It’s really important to recognize the relationships you want to invest time in.”

Key Takeaways:

  •  Fear of scarcity shows up when stinginess in your money, time, and emotions/feelings. You share nothing. Being a snob isn't appealing to anyone. People are turned off by it.
  •  A lot of hoarders do is they try to maintain some sort of sense of control so they can feel safe.
  •  Usually people with fear of scarcity that person also doesn't share of himself and doesn't express himself openly with you.
  •  The release of these heavy energy-draining projects, hobbies, and relationships allows you to make more room in your life for new wealth and activities.
  •  A relationship healing does it cuts the chords, rewrites the contracts, and completes the karma. It allows that relationship, whether it's an old damaging one or one you are continuing. It will enable it to reform in a new way. And this new way is going to be more supportive of your current self than your old self.

Timeline of Broadcast

0:32 5 ways fear of scarcity shows up

1:02 About Hoarding

1:49 Emotions and Feelings

2:52 Tips spend a lot on yourself sometime

4:39 Hanging on to everything you have ever owned.

6:21 How to know what you keep?

6:38 Trouble? Hire an organizer

9:21 Release half-finished projects that keep you stuck

10:34 Tip: stop hanging onto a stressful career

10:48 Tip: stop hanging onto stressful relationships

13:11 https://scientifichealer.com/relationship

13:40 Summary

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