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Looping thoughts keep you from moving forward and spoil your present moment. They keep you rooted to where you are now in fear, anxiety, and overwhelm. Get your mind clear fast

Looping thoughts keep you from moving forward and spoil your present moment. They keep you rooted to where you are now in fear, anxiety, and overwhelm. Get your mind clear fast

Energy Healing Tips to Move Forward Quickly and Effectively

The problem that many people experience is the inability to live “in the moment.” Your mind will wander to what was or what will be without experiencing the present. When this happens, you are distracted and unable to enjoy the people in your life or your surroundings. It’s as if you are not really living, you are just worrying about the future or feeling guilty about the past.

Letting go of the past and future is really difficult if you have been in the habit of thinking that way, especially if one or both parents are prone to do the same thing. It takes practice and there are simple energy healing tips and techniques.

First step is your good posture

Pulling your shoulders back and straightening your spine changes the energy of your body almost instantly. It lowers the stress hormones and raises your testosterone, which gives you some oomph. This is the result of Harvard research and brings people energy and confidence.

The next step is to discover what is in your subconscious causing you stress and causing you to have those looping and obsessive thoughts. One of the best ways to do this is to write things down. You query your thoughts and then handwrite the answers. Questions might include what am i circling around that I need to solve, what is mine to know, and what is my next step.

Find out what your body is telling you

When you start down the path of looping, obsessive thoughts, cut your cords downwards three times first in front then gather them from the back. Drop everything into the Earth. What is your body telling you? Where is the tension hiding, where is it hurting, are you breathing deeply?

One of the things that many people do is deny themselves all the time. Start something new. Say yes to yourself. Tell yourself that you CAN do those things you’ve been dreaming about. You CAN move forward. You CAN fit in your wishes for yourself. Say YES.

Getting moving is one of the best things you can do for yourself

And the last tip for today is to get your body moving. The more you move, the more energy moves through you and out. The more you can move forward. The more you can dissipate stress. Movement is the number one thing you can do for yourself, your health, and your spirit. Get moving, walk, run, do yoga, bike. Choose something and move forward.

Right now during the time the world has changed due to the pandemic, these steps are especially important because of fears of job loss, becoming ill, and grief that so many are experiencing. Move out the looping thoughts and anxiety into happiness and getting pleasure out of life again.

Get into the moment, listen to the brief guided healing audio found at Create your vision for your next steps with ease.

Standout Quotes:

  •  "Worrying is a two-edged sword."
  •  “Get yourself into the present moment.”
  •  “If you start making lists of things that you need to do, and then you make a plan on how to do it on paper, it's like all of a sudden, everything settles down.”
  •  “Sometimes your body is giving you a little clue as to what's going on.”
  •  “Our language is actually a clue as to what's going on in your body.”
  •  “When you say the word Yes, it energizes your body. It just like when you say the word, No, it weakens you.”
  •  “When you feel really terrible, it's really hard to get moving.”
  •  “Getting yourself in motion changes the hormonal composition of your body much like standing up straight.”

Key Takeaways:

Anastasia became interested in this subject because she encountered several people this week who were obsessed with the past and drew themselves back into it, reliving it and mourning for it and grieving people.

It spoils your present moment when you are concerned about the past or thinking about it with sad thoughts, grieving grief, or worried about the future or fearful of it.

Anastasia found that when she woke up each day after a challenging divorce, her head would whirl with all these repeated thoughts - she had to pay a lawyer fee, had to go to work, and had to finish it. She needed to pick up the kids. That was preventing her from enjoying her life right now.

After Anastasia died, my mother's eyes swelled and turned crimson, almost totally. And someone asked her, "What is it about your mother's death that you don't want to see?" And as soon as she heard that, she knew the picture she didn't want to witness.

Anastasia learned to keep a 10-minute yoga routine on hand or keep her computer queued up at all times. And she would click the button and begin walking, or she would get up and stroll around the block.

Numerous psychologists and psychiatrists have demonstrated that if you get a depressed person up and walking around, especially if they are being Therapized, it is practically impossible for them to remain depressed while in motion.

Episode Timeline

1:08 Tip 1: Get into the present moment

1:49 The Philosophy on Worrying

2:44 Tip 2: Reduce stress by sitting/standing up straight

3:00 Personal Experience

3:34 Tip 3: Journal using self dialog

3:48 The Power of Writing Down

4:04 Tip 4: Cut the cords to the unwanted thoughts

4:29 Tip 5: What is your body telling you?

5:26 Cutting Cords

6:46 The Impact of Physical Activity

7:47 Tip 6: Tell yourself yes

8:22 Tip 7: Get your body moving

9:52 Exercise to Combat Depression

10:41 Summary

10:47 Self-Healing Podcast

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