6 Tips for YOUR After Holiday Detox: Do you need to or not? And if so, how?

Now that you've eaten your fill of holiday foods, you might want to consider a detox of some sort to jump start you back to healthy eating. 6 top tips for if, when and how.

Now that you’ve eaten your fill of holiday foods, you might want to consider a detox of some sort to jump start you back to healthy eating. 6 top tips for if, when and how. https://www.scientifichealersuniversity.com/store/ruh5i2xi

Holiday foods tend to be devoid of nutrients other than calories. They are sugar and fat laden. The flavors are designed for you to want to eat more. During this time of year (November and December), eating usually goes out of control, a lot of excess weight is gained, and the look of celery, spinach, and broccoli is usually unappetizing.

In January, many people try to jump start their nutrition and get that excess weight off. They think detox.

There are many detox programs out there to try: should you?

There are a huge number of detox programs out there, including herbs to detox your liver, harsh programs that have you drink a concoction of lemon juice, cayenne, and maple syrup, or just water. Most of these are not sustainable nor does the purpose of doing them really get fulfilled.

What happens to your body during a detox? Do you really need a detox? Detoxes tend to be very low in calories, which is harsh and causes rapid fat loss. If you lose a lot of fat very quickly, you will release the toxins contained in your fat. These released toxins cause symptoms, such as headaches, body aches, or rashes. Losing body fat too quickly doesn’t bode well for lasting effects.

If you have a withdrawal reaction to anything, caffeine, chocolate, coffee, cigarettes, or any other such item, it’s really time to detox your body. Avoiding the food that causes symptoms for at least 4 up to 7 days gets you through to the other side. Maintaining it and not going on long binges off your healthy food plan is really the long term goal to not needing a detox. I have tried a number of them and not a single one causes withdrawal symptoms that other people experience, such as, headaches, body aches, itching or hunger.

In this broadcast, I talk about the ways you can do this for yourself in the gentlest way possible. Amazingly, the first step is actually to clear out your environment.


Release food and caffeine addictions

One of the best things that a detox can do is jump start you releasing food, caffeine, cigarette or any other dependencies. Clearing out the possible causes of cravings really helps settle things down. For me, it means avoiding grains of all kinds, including pseudograins, high sugar foods including dried fruit, and even dairy foods. Many great detoxes include eating only vegan for a while. The nice thing about the vegan detoxes is that you still eat so your weight loss is not fast and the eating helps scrub your insides clean.

You might notice that once you start the detoxing process, you want to clear out all the old and useless stuff out of your house, you also want to vacuum under your bed, organize your drawers and cabinets, and get rid of stained and holey clothing. It’s amazing how what happens inside the body energetically plays out in your surroundings.

Food feeds you with more than calories or macro/micro nutrients

Food also contains life force energy, meaning that it matters how it is grown, how it is prepared, and how it is fed. Every action from planting to plate can make a difference for how you absorb the energy of the food, the energy beyond calories.

What happens outside your body also happens inside your body energetically. If you start detoxing your life, you also start detoxing your body. You can learn more about this and how to raise the life force energy of your food fast so you can be sustained at a much higher energy level than you thought possible. https://www.scientifichealersuniversity.com/store/ruh5i2xi

Standout Quotes:

  •  "What's going on inside your body is also reflected in your environment.”
  •  “There's an energetic connection between your environment and you.”
  •  “The good news is that you might not have to go through a detox, if you just simply clean up your diet.”
  •  “Start working on your environment, and then start working on yourself.”
  •  “Your body is amazingly designed to handle most of the day to day stuff.”

Key Takeaways:

  •  Anastasia has tried several detox diets, including one that consisted of only vegetable broth for three weeks. The procedure's goal was to shrink a massive tumor, and it succeeded. She also did a 26-day vegan fast, which she then extended. And it worked most of the time. Some of it didn't work as planned.
  •  The first step in initiating the detox process is to begin cleaning up your environment, a bit at a time.
  •  You can also use crystals to detoxify your environment energetically. You can smudge with Sage or incense around the windows and burn incense inside the house.
  •  The salt bowl is the energy toilet. Avoid placing salt water bowls in your house for your pets or kids to play in because it's like a toilet ball bowl. It has poopy energy. And you could scatter that around to harvest energy. Pour your lousy energy into the basin as well, and you flush it.
  •  If you have a chronic disease, eating a clean diet, using herbs and vitamins, etc., and drinking lots of water will help. That is a great time to undergo a food and physical detox. Autoimmune disorders such as eczema, intestinal issues such IBS, lupus, arthritis, various aches, and leaky gut will benefit from it.
  •  Withdrawal symptom is your body's reaction to the anti-poisons; they make you sick just like the toxins did. So the withdrawal, the desire for more, as I need my cup of coffee to feel better. The antitoxin is equally as deadly as the toxin.
  •  Anastasia suggests that before embarking on full detox, you gradually wean yourself off whatever it is you're hooked to, whether it's cigarettes, coffee, or anything, or even your painkillers. There are numerous types of addictions, whether to drugs or alcohol or to whatever it is that you wish to eliminate from your life.


00:48 The Fad on Detoxing

1:21 How extensive should the detox be?

02:25 Detoxing: Anastasia's Experience

3:21 What happens to the body during a detox?

4:01 The Beginning of the Detoxing Process

4:03 Tip 1: Take small steps to cleaning your environment

5:33 Tip 2: Detox your body if you have a chronic illness

6:41 Tip 3: Release your food or caffeine addiction ahead of time

7:18 The Body's Response to the Process

7:31 Your body counteracts “poisons” leading to withdrawal

7:55 Toxins vs. Anti Toxins

9:09 Tip 4: If you have withdrawal symptoms to anything, you need detoxing

10:33 Tip 5: Ease off the worst cause of withdrawal to suffer less

13:30 Tip 6: Going on a super clean diet may be enough

14:42 Essential Set of Systems in the Body

16:45 Detox: Religion's Influence

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