Setting Your Bold Audacious Goals with Melanie Benson: Moving out of your own way & grow your income

Melanie Benson reveals the next steps to take to grow beyond your current level by developing a scalable model but with ease and grace rather than struggle and overwhelm

When are your goals too small? When should you set your first bold goal so you can do great things in the world (and it's you that has to do them).

Melanie Benson is an expert at bringing out the best in entrepreneurs and book authors looking to get to the next level with ease and grace. In her interview, she reveals the next steps to take to grow beyond your current level by developing a scalable model but with ease and grace rather than struggle and overwhelm.

Step number one is to set your first bold goal

In this interview, Melanie reveals not only to set your first bold goal, but when to do it. By doing so, the process it unleashes starts to change you in ways you never imagined.

The next step is to get out of your own head. Often, you get immobilized by overthinking it rather than acting. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to get done.

Why can't entrepreneurs grow beyond their current level?

You will learn what to do when you're maxed out and want to grow your business. The answer is a lot simpler than you think but usually it takes more out of the box thinking or stretching. Hear about one entrepreneur moving to a more scalable revenue model after she maxed out at her current level.

You will also discover when to know your goals are big enough. One mistake many people make is thinking that just being interested in something will help them achieve it. It isn't just interest, but a firm decision but then commitment. Hear Melanie's take on commitment.

She reveals the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make as well as the biggest lessons she learned when she started out and sees over and over again in her coaching clients. You will also discover what to do to move forward right now without fear getting in the way.

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Standout Quotes:

  •  “When you set a bold goal, you’re basically doing something that’s probably terrifying.” – [Melanie]
  •  “People have such a big vision that they can’t see what to do between where they are and where it is.” – [Melanie]
  •  “Simplify to multiply. Stop trying to do everything. Do a few things really well.” – [Melanie]
  •  “A bold goal is never achieved through logic. Bold goals defy logic.” – [Melanie]
  •  “The Boldest Goal is those that won’t let you sleep at night, keeps following you around, and stalking you until you say yes to it.”
  •  “If it’s not your thing, then hire someone whose thing it is.” – [Melanie]

Key Takeaways:

  •  Setting a bold goal means going beyond your comfort zone. You have to do things you’ve never done before to get somewhere you’ve never been.
  •  When we have a bold goal, it’s important to chunk it down to parts where you won’t be overwhelmed to move forward and lead to the next thing.
  •  Don’t do everything all at once. Simplify what needs to be done and do it first to create momentum and to use your strengths better.
  •  When you have a bold goal, you are defying your fears. Logical Reasons not to do it is a result of the brain’s response to fear.
  •  The boldest goals will not let you sleep. Those goals will keep following and bugging you until you pursue them.
  •  When you are not an expert on something, or it’s not aligned to you, then find someone who is and can do a much better job.

Timeline for Setting Your Bold Goals

Introducing Melanie Benson, Founder of Own your Bold Challenge

02:31 Setting Bold Goals

3:35 Setting her first bold goal.

04:55 Creating Momentum and Removing Obstacles
5:00 When to set your bold goals

5:10 How does a bold goal change you?

06:23 The Challenge with Introverts

7:01 Getting out of your head

07:46 How Melanie helps his Clients

8:35 Often entrepreneurs can't grow beyond where they're at, why?

10:43 The Deep Drive to be more and do more

11:05 What do you do when you're maxed out and want to grow your business

12:09Reorganizing your Big Vision

14:48 Why become the resourceful person that can meet the goal

16:08 Case study: moving to a scalable revenue model

19:51 When to know that your goals are big enough?

21:14 The Power of Decision

22:51 What's the difference between interest and commitment

23:58 One of the biggest mistakes

25:25 Investment in Potential, Knowledge, and Yourself

27:32 One of the biggest lessons, focus on being in flow

29:45 What can you do right now to move forward?

32:45 Challenging yourself to Achieve Things in New Ways

33:05 Achieving bold goals with ease and grace


35:01 The Boldest Goals

35:50 Being forced to listen to your bold inner voice



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