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Your 5-Step Relationship Healing Program

 Starting fresh with old and new relationships

Major studies over the last decades show that your relationships are the most important factor for health and happiness.   Difficult relationships can challenge the most robust, intelligent and talented people.  You can be successful in other areas of your life, but satisfying relationships might escape you.  In that case, as it was for me and countless others, your health might suffer. 

In this 5 step free program, you go through exercises and energy healing to bring your most difficult relationships into perspective and to release the old relationship baggage that holds you back from repairing your old and forming new healthy relationships. 

  • Imagine that you could go back to a family reunion and your parent or sibling treated you well. 
  • Imagine while you are in a contested divorce, you finally get some of your badly needed financial settlement. 
  • Imagine that you’ve been stalked by unwelcome attention from someone that they suddenly stop. 

These are a few of the hundreds of instances of changes people have experienced after going through this process.

The five steps include

  1. Getting you prepared to accept the release of your old relationship patterns.
  2. Collecting your energy back from everywhere you left it.
  3. Cutting the energy zapping connections to a significant person in your life.
  4. Repatterning your interaction with that person.
  5. And last, releasing your own energy patterns that get you caught up in the same type of relationship over and over again. 

Each session is approximately 15 minutes with instructions on what to do and mini homework assignments.  If you have more than one difficult relationship, you can run through steps 2 through 5 again and again. 

Check it out, it’s free.