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Relationship Energy Mastery

Take charge of your relationships. 

Bring harmony and enrichment so you can thrive. Heal you and your relationships through a powerful scientifically-based, 10-step energetic process. 

Do you keep experiencing “fatal attractions” in your life?  Those relationships that end up leaving you feeling drained and tired instead of loved and nurtured.  You end up in serial relationships, without feeling that you’ve been understood, cared for, or truly loved long term.

The good news is that this pattern can be changed quickly without years of talk therapy.  The issue often isn’t you.  It’s a combination of what you’ve experienced in your life, patterns you’ve inherited from your family, and even what you’ve experience before this life.

This program is about changing your personal energetic patterns in your interactions with others.  It makes your relationships thrive.

Relationships are extremely important.  Humans are designed to be social beings.  Over the last 8 decades, research from major universities have shown that relationships are a primary factor in determining your wealth and your health.  Longevity studies show that happily married people live longer.

What you'll get:

  • Lesson 1: How You Exchange Energy with Others
  • Lesson 2: Replenish Your Personal Energy
  • Lesson 3: Fast Emotional Release to Feel Whole
  • Lesson 4: Controlling Energy Exchange with Others
  • Lesson 5: Forming New Rules of Engagement to Stop Repeating Obsolete
  • Lesson 6: Completing Old Karma to Make Room for NEW
  • Lesson 7: Clearing your Spiritual Timeline to Release You
  • Lesson 8: Reset Your Biological DNA to Attract the Right People
  • Lesson 9: Energy System Restoration to Rejuvenate You
  • Lesson 10: Protecting Yourself and Maintaining Your New Way of Being
  • Bonus:  Shielding your environment to nurture you

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