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Powerful Energy Healing

In 14 minutes, release pent-up emotions to a state of calm

How it works:

  • It brings you into the moment to release powerful emotions from your meridians
  • It heals on four levels, from the healing music, voice commands, healing frequencies in the carrier waves, and focusing on your most powerful organ, your brain
  • Those that listen heal faster and are more productive.

It is designed for busy people that are sensitive to the surrounding energies.  it does your energy hygiene for you.

You can download it or listen via the platform app on your mobile device, so you can listen anywhere.

What People Are Saying:

Since working with her, my energy is always up, my relationships are vastly improved, and income is stable & high. Highly recommend her work.

Eiji Morishita, CEO

I have developed into a powerful relationship healer (so I can help others) with Anastasia's courses and content. I highly recommend her programs to feel better fast and to learn how to take care of yourself!

Gwen Lepard, Luminary

Over time, I realized I became hyper-sensitive to everyone's energy: I needed to protect myself. I've been coming into work early, before anyone else is here, and mediating to it while listening to it, and specifically focusing on clearing, purifying and shielding. It has helped me tremendously, especially with my toxic boss. Thank you, Anastasia!

Sandra Rogoza, Executive