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Protect Your Energy from Difficult Relationships

Release Your Old Relationship Baggage. Clear the way for the NEW

Your past and present relationships could be holding you back from the future YOU desire. Eighty-five years of research from top universities have proven it.   The old baggage can block your happiness, your abundance or wealth, and prevent the health of your future relationships.  It can harm your relationships with your family, your coworkers and your clients. 

This proven protocol will work for anyone, to help you break through the resistance you may not even realize existed. 

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This 'Personal Protection Protocol' Will Walk You Though Step-by-Step

How To Create, Sustain, and Heal Your Past, Present and Future Relationships...

So You Can Live a Life of Abundance, Joy, and Ease 

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"My sister and I have had a 3 decade long, challenging relationship.  Our families were always braced for the inevitable fireworks during the holidays.  This year, I experienced the best Christmas reunion with my family in over 30 years after going through this challenge."

- Linda Martin

"After receiving the teachings and healings of this challenge, a man that had been stalking me for weeks stopped calling, stopped sitting in front of my house, and stopped sending me messages.  It was like magic."

- Suzette Gilmore

"I have appreciated this Relationship Healing Challenge so much, it was perfect timing for a week that ended up hitting me hard. I feel very different today on waking and feel like my heart is open for the first time, as the last few years I have been in survival mode. A million  thank-you's!!! Love your work, all your courses are amazing and your big-hearted kindness has meant the world. ‚̧ԳŹ"

- Heather Passant


Personal Protection Protocol & Healing

Proven systems and protocols that change you and your relationships without years of talk therapy.


Evaluate Your Critical Relationships

Discover which of your critical relationships need the most attention right now.  Receive an emotional release.

  • Have a clear picture of your current relationships
  • Know what to focus on to reach the fastest results
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Restore Your Energy and Purify Your Frequency FAST

Clear the way to restoring your life force energy given away or stolen from outside influences.

  • Feel more energetic and clear headed
  • Reframe your relationships
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Restore Healthy Communication With Others

Discover the healthy connection and communication you can have with others.  Receive a clearing of the unhealthy exchange with others.

  • Know how to maintain your healthier state
  • Keep a cool head in any disagreement or unpleasant interaction
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Restore Healthy Rules of Engagement

In the first few minutes of meeting, you form a "contract" on how you interact with one another.  As your relationship matures, often the terms aren't changed. 

  • Rewrite your rules of engagement for healthier past, current and future relationships
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Moving Forward with Ease and Grace

Release the compulsive interactions with one another quickly.  Often when we meet a person that feels familiar to you, you each start to behave in unexpected even unhealthy ways.  

  • Receive a reset of this behavior
  • Discover how to maintain your new healthy relationships
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Meet Dr. Anastasia Chopelas


Unlock the Magic of Healthy Relationships with Dr. Anastasia Chopelas - Scientist, Master Healer, and Best-Selling Author!

Dr. Anastasia Chopelas has experienced her own struggles with unhealthy relationships, but through her own journey of healing and growth, she has emerged with a powerful set of tools to help others do the same. This program is a powerful guide to help highly sensitive, intuitive, or empathic women transform their relationships and create healthier, more fulfilling connections.

Dr. Chopelas is uniquely qualified to help you reach your goals. She has studied the quantum physics of interaction as a scientist and has been a master healer for 30 years. She has also published numerous health and healing books.

Dr. Chopelas has a deep understanding of the interplay between energy and relationships, and she is passionate about helping others unlock the magic of healthy relationships.

Now is the time to take control of your relationships and create a life you love. Unlock the power of healthy relationships with Dr. Anastasia Chopelas' free 5-day LIVE Program: Heal Your Relationships.  Start your journey now and create the relationships you've always dreamed of!



Your Personal Protection Protocol

Join us for 5-days that will change your life. You’ll discover how to create harmonious and happier relationships, whether they are current or past.  You will be able to attract your ideal partners, clients and friends into your life. Space is limited, so don’t wait! Save your spot today.